You can connect with people, face to face, for more compatible marriage.

Marriage Matters is a positive step to overcome the issues in finding a spouse within the Islamic context with higher compatibility.

Marriage Matters Events is a complimentary service to help people find more compatible spouses for happy, peaceful marriages. Participants are expected to register their interest and attend the event with the intention of matrimonial purposes only. Meetings with the opposite gender are arranged through short, thematic group introductions and profile cards.

Marriage Matters Events are organised by Al Wasila Trust, an established name in the area of social services, which is strongly rooted in the Islamic values. Al Wasila is actively playing its part in poverty alleviation, providing relief in calamity hit areas, enabling access to clean drinking water, and collecting garbage to keep the society clean.

The matrimonial service, under the banner of Marriage Matters, has been set up after observing the growing rate of divorce in our society due to incompatible match between the husband and wife, or their families.

We wish everyone the very best and duas in finding Your Muslim Partner through our – Marriage Events whether you are Single Muslims or not and seek Halal Islamic Marriage and leads to Nikah

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