We are professional wedding planner


If I need to give any feedback or suggestion

You can drop us an email at [email protected]. Every suggestion or feedback is welcomed & appreciated.

How can I contact you if I need more info ?

You can contact us at Email [email protected]
or follow us through following social media channels.

Insta: @marriagematters_pk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100084986394329

What should I wear on the day?

Wear whatever you feel most comfortable with. Although this is not an interview or a wedding, first impressions do count so it’s definitely worth making some effort.

Will you arrange any follow-ups?

If you met someone during the event but did not take their contact details, we can help you to provide there contact if other person agrees to it.

Do I have to stay for the whole session?

No, once all your meetings for the day are completed. You can leave the event.

What happened If I have late at event?

We appreciate if you are on time at the event. As we will be having many one to one meetings in a day to ensure logistic & to respect everyone’s time. We will try our best to facilitate you. However, In case it is unavoidable than we might have to postponed or cancel your meetings.

Will there be a group or one to one meeting?

There will be one to one meeting in separate room. However facilitator will be there in case any help is needed.

When do you hold the event

Our event will be mostly on Sundays. We will try to hold at least one event a month.

Do you do any background checks of participants? How do you know they are serious? Can I exchange my contact details with a participant?

Anyone registers and attends, we trust them. We do not have neither the resources or responsibility to carry out a check of their education, family tree and banking details. This is an exercise for the participant and their friends and family to carry out reference checking. Anyone who attend has some level of interest in marriage, how serious on is left to the interested party to pursue through all means of communication. If you are happy to do so then we have no problem with this, but we take no responsibility for whatever happens afterwards. That’s why Mahrams and family members are important.

I feel that I am not practicing, can I still come?

Of course, you can – you are more than welcome. It won’t be a room full of just hijabis or bearded guys wearing shalwars. Each event varies according to the type of people. We are here to help not judge. We would rather you participated in this event than have to meet a partner in a place of potential vice.

Are there any fee involve in the whole process?

Right now, it is free of cost. However, this might change in future.

Can my Mahram/friends join in?

Yes, we expect 1-2 of your friend/mahram can join as well.

What questions can be asked during the meeting?

We expect both parties to ask all the questions which are important to them in making the right decision, while keeping in mind the Islamic principles. Furthermore, if you need our team will also provide you list of possible questions which you can ask.

How will the whole process work?

We expect interested candidate to fill the form with the authentic data. Based on which our team will do the short list different possible matching profiles for you to evaluate. Once you have selected your top three candidates & we will contact the candidates for there interest. If both parties agree we will arrange your meeting on the event day. After which it will be completely up to both sides to take this forward or not.

Do I have to register before the event ?

Yes, it is mandatory to fill up an online form as this helps us gauge the level of interest and other information that a participant may want to know before, such as age ranges of people attending and ethnicity types. Our team will inform you about the date & time of the event via different communication channels.

What will happen at the event?

The event focuses on facilitating one-to-one meetings between interested parties where they are free to exchange contact details if they choose to. Friends or mahrams are strongly encouraged to attend to give moral support in the whole process. We can not promise interest from either side and can not take blame for no interest at all.

Will my information in the form will remain confidential?

We only exchange part of the profile with the matching candidates. This will not include any personal information such as name, contact number, National identification number etc.

Will there be facilitation at the Event?

Our team will present during the session to facilitate as when required only